Spices have long had a special place on the food table to flavor them.  Spices with their various aromas and colors and different medicinal properties have been the best flavoring for flavoring food.  Spices that, in addition to the unique aroma and flavor they gave to food, had many healing properties and also cured diseases and illnesses of consumers. The aroma and flavor of spices, along with their amazing properties and benefits, caused the natives of each region, based on the geographical and climatic characteristics and body temperament of the inhabitants of their region, have used a special combination of spices in the preparation of their food.


The constants flavor of chefs from all over the world is a spice with various flavors and properties.

With more than 70 years of experience in producing various spices, Tamineh is proud to offer the highest quality spices.


The products of Tamineh spices are:

 Turmeric – Black Pepper – Red Pepper – White Pepper – Paprika – Cinnamon – Ginger – Garlic Powder – Cumin – Nutmeg – Clove – Mixed Spices – Onion Powder