Melissa officinalis

The name of the medicinal plant

 Melissa officinalis, moldovian balm

 English name of a medicinal plant

 Dracocephalum moldavica

 Scientific name of medicinal plant

 Dracocephalum moldavica

 The origin of the medicinal plant

 Eastern Mediterranean – Asia – Europe

 The nature of the medicinal plant

 Warm and dry

 The effect of the medicinal plant

 Skin and hair, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system

 Medicinal plant properties

 Hypertension, wound healing and burns, treatment of bloating

Melissa officinalis

 The main origin of the plant is the eastern Mediterranean wind.

Of course, Asian and European gardeners also grow lemongrass because of the temperate climate of the region.

In Iran, this plant is cultivated in the north of the country, around Tehran and Azerbaijan, eastern regions and western provinces.


 This plant has many medicinal properties, some of the most important of which are:

  wound healing, Heart health, Hypertension, Improves appetite and Anti-flatulence.