The name of the herbal plant


 English name of a herbal plant


 Scientific name of the herbal plant


 The origin of the herbal plant

 Iran, North Africa and the Mediterranean highlands

 The nature of the herbal plant

 Warm and dry

 The effect of the herbal plant

 Nerves and psyche, skin and hair, women

 herbal plant properties

 Soothing, Wound and Burn Healing, Sleep Improvement (Insomnia Treatment), Alzheimer’s Prevention, Menstrual Pain Relief, Headache and Migraine Relief, Skin Rejuvenation, Depression Treatment, Hair Loss Treatment, Dandruff Treatment, Stress and Anxiety Reduction


 Lavender is usually known for two special properties: pleasant aroma and color.

Lavender is a multi-purpose plant. It has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

The ancient Egyptians used lavender oil to embalm their bodies.


The most important properties

 Lavender has amazing properties that may be found in fewer plants:

 Reduce stress and depression, Prevent dementia, Treat insomnia, Beauty skin and hair, Treat fungal infections, Wound healing, Treat stomach and digestive problems