The name of the medicinal plant


 English name of a medicinal plant


 Scientific name of medicinal plant


 Origin of medicinal plant

 Europe and East Asia

 The nature of the medicinal plant

 Cold and wet

 The effect of the medicinal plant

 Skin and hair, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract

 Medicinal plant properties

 Wound and burn healing, Influenza treatment, Lung inflammation treatment, Stomach and intestinal parasite treatment, Pain and nausea treatment, Stomach ulcer treatment, Cough and cold treatment, Constipation treatment


 The origin of Hollyhocks, also known as biennial or perennial flower, is in continental Europe and Asia.

  Many East Asian countries in the past used this plant as a remedy for colds and coughs.

  This plant can be found in many parts of Iran as a car.


Today, despite extensive advances in medicine, this plant is used to treat wounds, reduce bruises and pain.

Decoction of this flower is a magic elixir for healing.  It is a sore throat. According to the latest medical findings, this plant also has an effective role in controlling the AIDS virus.