The name of the herbal plant

 Persian language oxtongue

 English name of a herbal plan

 Borage, echium amoenum

 Scientific name of the herbal plant

 Borago hortensis

 Known as the language of Thor

 Origin of herbal plant

 Europe, Iran

 The nature of the herbal plant

 Warm and wet


 The effect of the herbal plant

 It is one of the most important herbal plant in traditional Iranian medicine

 In traditional Iranian medicine, borage flowers are used as a sedative and antihypertensive.

 Numerous studies have been performed on borage, including studies on the antibacterial effect of the essential oil components of borage, treatment of mild to moderate depression, and treatment of mental disorders in human patients.


 Oxtongue probably originated in other parts of North Africa and are now found in the Mediterranean, parts of North Africa, and parts of the Middle East.  Its flowers, leaves and flowering branches are used medicinally.

 Among the properties of borage

The herbal teas are effective for colds and sometimes dry coughs in the cold season.

 It is soothing.

 How to use the herbal plant

 Edible, local