dried fruit extract

What is dried fruit extract?

 The extract is defined as a liquid and dry extract in the world. In preparing the extract, depending on the type of product, fruits, plant organs, flower roots or leaves are used.

 Extract preparation method for dry extract preparation:

 To prepare dry extract such as fruits, first the fruit is washed and disinfected, after peeling (like citrus), the juice is separated, then it is completely filtered (aqueous extract) and by injecting it into a spray dryer, like preparing dry milk, the dry extract is obtained from the product.

dried fruit extract

Differences between powder and dry extract :

 What is powder?

 Powder in popular culture is to pulverize the product like dried pomegranate seeds which are pulverized by a mill and made entirely of flour.  Pomegranate powder is said to be such a product does not have 100% solubility in water and settles at the bottom of insoluble materials.

 Dry extract:

 Dry extract is a filtered extract of fruit or plant (such as orange juice) which is converted into powder by spraying using a spray dryer such as milk powder.

The extract is 100% soluble in water and does not contain any additive substances that cause sedimentation.


Method of preparing dry extracts of various fruits:

 In order to associate the mind and get better acquainted with the dried fruit extract, the method of preparing the dried orange extract will be described:

 First, the orange is rinsed with disinfectant, then with a fully automatic device, the orange juice is separated from the outer skin and the inner pulp.

The obtained orange juice is passed through a strainer , the obtained product is pasteurized by a pasteurizer.

 After pasteurization, the orange juice is transferred to the homogenizer tank for homogenization.

After that, the orange juice is converted into dry powder or orange extract by spray injection system, which is homogenized by the spraying system. The final product has 100% solubility.

It has water that has a maximum quality of 3% moisture and a purity of over 85% of natural oranges prepared from the gardens of northern Iran with the best quality.

 Dried orange extract is used as raw material in beverage industries, ready-made cakes and cake raw materials and pharmaceutical industries.