Citrus Aurantium

The name of the herbal plant

 Citrus aurantium

 English name of a herbal plant

 Orange blossom, Orange flowers

 Scientific name of the herbal plant

 Orange blossom

 Common names of herbal plant

 Orange spring, orange blossom

 The origin of the herbal plant: Iran

 The nature of the herbal plant

 Warm and dry

 The effect of the herbal plant

 Nervous system, women, weight loss

 herbal plant properties

Citrus Aurantium

Sedative, Improve menopausal symptoms, Relieve menstrual pain, Obesity treatment, Reduce stress and anxiety

There is plenty of sample evidence that orange spring has extraordinary medicinal and therapeutic properties.  This plant has many uses in cooking, cosmetics and perfume and cologne.


 The most important properties

 Reducing stress and anxiety, Improving athlete performance, decreasing blood sugar , Eliminating indigestion, Losing weight